Leszek Piotrowski "Lesstro" was born 19th December 1984 in Gdynia, Poland. He graduated from the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw in 2009 with a master's degree in painting, a diploma with highest marks, under the guidance of Prof. Franciszek Starowieyski who is a distinguished Polish painter. 

Lesstro's paintings are classical realism. There are historical, genre scenes, portraits, horses, female nudes, landscapes and drawings among his artworks. He feels best by creating very large scale paintings. By examining his paintings we find universality and vitality of great, classical art. The technique and subjects of his paintings and drawings are inspired by the old masters. However, his work is not a result of blind imitation or deliberate artistic intention, but is a sign of an unusual artistic instinct of this very young painter, who has just started his professional career.

Although very young, the artist has already achieved significant success at the international art scene. While a student in June 2009, Lesstro has got his first, world-wide success; the Golden Trophy Award at the World's Nude Show in Hong Kong. His paintings were displayed among world renowned artists from 19th century. His artworks were shown within the "Body Language" and "Romantic Collection of Western Paintings" exhibitions by Baoqu Tang Gallery of Art in Hong Kong in 2009.

Lesstro's art has also been very highly appreciated in Europe and the USA. He participated in International Painting Competition "Natale di Roma" in Italy in 2009, 2010, 2011. He was awarded with First Prizes in 2009 and 2010. In 2011 he got the Prize of the Jury President. In 2010 Lesstro was selected as the finalist (among 800 painters from all over the world) in the 5th Figurative Painting and Sculpture Competition organized by Foundation of Arts and Artists in Spain. His painting "Maja" was bought by MEAM - European Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona and it is exhibited within permanent collection of this Museum.